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Spring GrowthPhoto of Mark Weir

One of the most special times of the year is Spring.  There seems to be anticipation all around.  Plants are starting to bud; there is a hint of green that will soon be followed by an amazing burst of color.  The transformation is sudden and dramatic.  Yet as the plants continue to grow and bloom, that is where the real joy begins, at least for me.

Over the course of the past couple of years we have planted almost 20 fruit trees around our home.  Apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots and peaches are spreading their branches and beginning to bear fruit.  When those blossoms first appear, it is a reminder that something wonderful is being produced.  Yet it takes time.

So often in the Christian life, we treasure that initial burst, that fantastic beginning that comes with knowing Jesus.  The realization that my past does not have to be my future, the understanding that there is a God who longs to be in relationship with me is like that sudden and dramatic burst of color in the spring.  Everything looks different.  Life is grand.  But it is journey that is most rewarding.

With each passing day, we have the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus.  Just like my fruit trees sole purpose is to bear fruit, our sole purpose is to bear the fruit that comes from being in relationship with Jesus.  The more time we spend with Him, the more like Him we will become. 

I would encourage you to spend some thoughtful time each day, preferably at the beginning of the day, reading about the life and ministry of Jesus.  Then spend some time thinking and praying about what it is that Jesus wants to see grow and develop in your life.  And finally, share what you are discovering with someone.  Those three simple steps will help to insure that the character of Jesus will continue to be rooted and formed into your life.  And one day, there will be amazing growth that will be known by all.
Pastor Mark

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